Photographer, travel advisor, Disney-phile, firm believer in magic, intermittent-faster, working mama, and writer; I have a wicked sense of humor and just slightly less salt than the Dead Sea. You won't find a Pinterest-perfect life here, but you will find lots of pretty images, luxury travel, a generous amount of grace for my mistakes and yours, and belly-busting stories about my attempts to survive being a grown up. Wine helps ;)

Photographs, memories, and words are much more meaningful heirlooms to me than possessions. When I am gone, my grandchildren will know me through images of my connection to them and to the world, the words I have written, and the sense of adventure I have taught their parents. My biggest goal is to live life to the seams and pass down the intangible riches of memory. I encourage every one of you to focus on your legacy. Get in the frame, travel with your family, leave a mark. It doesn't matter if you look perfect today or if it is the "ideal" time. Muffle those insecurities, pass on that new couch, seize the day, and do it. Time is flying by.   

I'm thrilled you stopped in!  I hope you'll push the laundry off that chair in the corner, pour yourself a glass of Chardonnay, and stay a minute. 


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