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Perfectly Posh- A Review of the New “Rock Your Body” Collection

Favorite Things

It’s a new year. There is finally some light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel. The adults in my household have all been vaccinated. Thank the baby Jesus, the Universe, and the scientists. Disneyland is about to reopen after being closed for more than a year. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line has announced a return to cruising the summer. And – best of all- my family has a much needed and anticipated Hawai’i vacation coming up in two weeks. There is just one itsy bitsy little problem. Folks, I look like a shoe. An old, worn out shoe. The shoe you only wear for gardening when no one is likely to show up at your door unannounced and you might end up ankle deep in mud. A year inside my house with no need to be presentable has not done wonders for my appearance. I am mortified at the thought of wearing a bathing suit for a week with an extra “COVID-19” pounds, dull skin, and gnarly toes.

Thankfully, nail salons are finally reopening and I can get a mani-pedi. Intermittent fasting will take care of the extra pounds. But, what to do about my skin? Enter my sweet friend Kristin and her Perfectly Posh beauty products. Some of you know that I began using their face products earlier this year and that I love them. They are affordable and effective and full of high-quality ingredients. A combination of my Perfectly Posh routine, autophagy (my favorite intermittent fasting perk), and minimal sun exposure has done wonders for my face. My face is not just the only part of me that doesn’t currently look like a shoe, it actually looks better than it did pre-pandemic. So, I was very excited when Kristin sent me a box full of samples from their new “Rock Your Body” launch. And now, I’m going to share them with you. Read all the way to the end, and find out how to score yourself some samples.

The Body Wash

The cleanser from the Rock Your Body collection is called Wont Back Dawn Hydrating Body Wash. Its got a fun fruity scent and it is luxuriously thick and creamy. Typically, I don’t use body wash. I have very few virtues, but I AM trying to add less waste to landfills. This makes me feel better about my terrible budgeting skills and my travel carbon footprint. So, I’ve switched to bar soap inside an exfoliating (and biodegradable) sisal bag. Luckily, I LOVE the Perfectly Posh Chunk bath bars. I like anything chunky, really. Soap, peanut butter, babies, me. Chunky is how I roll. However, when I am traveling I like to bring body wash. I am way too precious for hotel soap, and don’t really want to cart a used bar of soap around in my toiletries bag. So, I was excited to try this body wash. It has hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and coconut oil in it, and it feels very creamy and hydrating. It lathers up nicely and smells tropical. So, I decided it was the perfect body wash to bring to Hawaii. Long days in the sun, salt water, and chlorine call for extra hydration. Won’t Back Dawn fits the bill!

The Scrubs

Smooth Operator Firming Body Scrub is a creamy body scrub with fine exfoliants. A small amount will effectively scrub like, a whole leg and maybe even a booty cheek. This product also smells lovely and tropical. It was a bright little mood lift in my shower, and I can definitely use all the mood lifting after the poop popsicle that has been the last year. It also felt very hydrating and left my skin feeling nice and soft. I’m an aggressive exfoliator, and for me the scrub was a little less scrubby than ideal. I would probably layer this with other exfoliants like my soap-in-a-sisal bag. But if you have sensitive skin or like medium to gentle level exfoliation- this scrub’s for you!

Next up was Jam Sesh Snarky Bar. Ok, anything called Snarky is obviously made for me. Are you kidding? I loved this product before I even tried it. But then I tried it and I loved it more. First of all, it smells like jam. It smells like jam and it is NAMED jam and I just cannot. I am overcome with cute. When I first opened the package I thought the bar had glitter in it and I was having major Bath and Body Works circa 2001 flash backs. But nope, those are scrubbies! Very fine, tightly packed scrubbies. You use this bar like soap in the shower. Now, you’ll remember I said I am an aggressive exfoliator. So I began using this bar with my normal somewhere-between-extra-and-basic-probably-not-medically-advised pressure. In about 4 seconds I broke through the outer soap layer and the full force of the scrubbies met my skin. YOWZA. This bar is INTENSE. I LOVE IT. I AM TYPING IN ALL CAPS SO YOU KNOW I MEAN IT. I switched to very delicate scrubbing so as to not injure myself, and ended up with the smoothest skin of my life. I mean I was basically a great big human sized baby’s tush. I bought four of these. I shall hide them from my family. They are mine. I will not share.

The Body Creams

Ok so let’s just start by acknowledging that I probably do not have a future as an arm model. But look. You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. I tried two body creams. The top cream in the above image is Honey Honey Body Creme. Honey Honey is not part of Rock Your Body, but it is a Posh fan favorite and a staple in their product line up. The bottom cream is So Fresh So Clean Body Creme from the Rock Your Body collection. Honey Honey is a light and balancing moisturizer while So Fresh So Clean, which is thicker but not heavy, is very hydrating. Honey Honey smells like…honey. And also lemon. It is a nice bright scent that isn’t overwhelming, although I did think I smelled like a nice cup of tea after using it and that was a new experience for me. “Ooooh, who is making tea? Oh wait, that’s my shoulder”. I am always wary of anything purporting to have a “clean” scent, because I find those products are usually actually perfume bombs that give me a migraine and make me want to hide under the covers and question all my life choices. So I was delighted and surprised to find that So Fresh So Clean actually smells…fresh and clean. It reminds me of salt air near the ocean. This body cream also has two of my favorite skincare ingredients- oatmeal and avocado oil. People love Honey Honey, and I liked it too, but for its clean fresh scent and ultra hydrating feel, I went with So Fresh So Clean. Rock Your Body does also have a So Fresh So Clean Body Wash. I didn’t try that one, but maybe I’ll bring that one on my next vacation.

The Plan

Ok so now you want to know how I plan to de-shoe-leather my body for Hawai’i. Well I’ll tell you. I plan to scrub all the leather off myself with my Snarky Bar, hydrate the heck out myself with So Fresh So Clean Body Creme, and show up in Hawai’i looking like Katniss Everdeen after a Capitol full body polish. Once I’m there I’ll replenish the moisture loss from hard days of sun, salt water, and mai tais with Won’t Back Dawn Hydrating Body Wash and even more So Fresh So Clean Body Creme. I’m ready!

What About You?

Oh, you want some of these body products too? Of course you do. If you’re on Facebook you can find Kristin in her Perfectly Posh group Seacoast Posh Community at Anyone who joins her group and mentions I sent them may get some free goodies! OR you can shop her site directly here

I should probably mention that I am not affiliated with Kristin, I haven’t been paid, and she didn’t ask me to write this blog. Maybe some day I’ll reach affiliate status and get lots of free stuff, but I probably need more than four followers first. Big Dreams! Next week I’m going to talk about packing my family for our vacation and my favorite tool in the world…packing cubes! You won’t want to miss it.

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    I’m trying to de-shoe-leather myself too for an upcoming May trip!