Meghan Kelly is a San Diego Based portrait photographer, travel advisor, and writer whose passion is helping people find the magic in the everyday. 

Owner of Meghan Kelly Images, Writer in Chief at Meghan's Place, and independent affiliate at My Path Unwinding Travel.  

I have been making people laugh and cry with words my entire life; and began to tell stories through image in 2015. I live to travel and have been unofficially helping people do the same for many years. 

I'm so excited to bring all these passions together under the umbrella of Meghan Kelly, and I can't wait to make magical memories for you!

I'm Meghan 

Hi, there!

Connection is life's greatest gift. Connection to family, our world and its treasures, and ourselves. You work hard to make things wonderful for others, and time is flying. Don't let it fly right past you. Take the time NOW to connect with the people you love and to capture that connection. You will never get now back. Memories will bring you greater and more lasting joy than anything you can buy.  

I want to travel the world with the people I love, and I want you to have that experience too. I want to capture sweet moments with my littles, and to capture sweet moments of you with yours.  I want to laugh with you at life's craziness. Stop waiting for your life to be perfect and start celebrating how perfect it already is


I value...

You have a vision. You may not exactly understand all the details that will go into bringing that vision to life, but you know how you want to feel. 

I have the knowledge of the details. That knowledge has been acquired through years of studying my crafts. My approach is to understand what is important to you and how you want to feel. Whether it's the look you want to achieve in your portraits,  or the experience you want on vacation. Understanding your vision and using my knowledge to get the details right is my job. 




My husband




These are a few of my favorite things...